The Idea

I work full time for a high tech company as a program manager, which is how I got addicted to beading. I know, that doesnít make a lot of sense on the face of it, but I have to wear a badge at work and the plain black shoestring and plastic lanyards they hand out with the badges are so glaringly out of place with dresses or dressy suits. Iím not that crazy about them on casual Friday, either!

I decided to make my own lanyards. Ones that would compliment my clothes, looked like real jewelry, and could be worn as necklaces after work. Also, I need to wear two lanyards, one for my glasses and one for my badge. As a result, I came up with a design where each piece can be used as either a badge lanyard, eyeglass leash or a necklace. When other people saw me wearing them, they wanted their own. Now I sell these unique, hand-crafted, jewelry-style, necklace lanyards to friends, colleagues and online.


My neckaces are finished with two lobster claw clasps. You either hook them to a ring on a larger lobster claw and hook that to a badge, or have two elastic eyeglass loops hooked to them to go over the earpieces of your glasses. At the end of the day you can simply take off the accessories and hook the two lobster claws together. Now you have a nice necklace to wear out to your after work events.


My designs made from semi-precious stones, freshwater cultured pearls, Czech crystal, and a variety of differnt types and sizes of glass beads. I also use copper, sterling silver or silver/gold plated chain, bead caps, spacer beads and clasps.

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